Where is my Santa?

Santa couldn’t coming to town

This year will be lonely Christmas for me,,, since last year I have celebrated my first Christmas in USA.. I could be very lonely and miss all friend and people I love.. Or I could smile when I think they are having nice time to celebrate. So I just back to use the same old life. No more santa and no more snowman. Well,, all Christmas present still in my room every corner.

LYC have dinner at Telephone pub, but I think I could not go since no money,, really. I’d like to go, but need to save money to save life. LOL I started to look at my money and started to pay all debt as much as I can. It could be very long long time to finish it off.

This year will have some private time to think for myself… Think for future.. Have time for myself to relax. Still need someone.

See ya,

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