Giffarine – Bronze Star is Easy

product-01sYesterday I went to Giffarine shop in Chok Chai Sii and buy some products. I also apply a membership for my mom and sister.

There are
Sun Lotion SPF 20
Ginkola: Extract Ginkgo Bilaba
Slimm-Fitt : Garcinia Cambogia Extract with L-Carnitine and Chromium Powder Dietary Supplemental
Collagen Powder: Fish Collagen Extract
Cal-D-Mag 600: Calcium tablet

So I got 1,700 PV and now I am a Bronze Star member thus I get more 10% discount for any products from myself and any purchasing from my down line (Star level which are my mom and sister for now). I also get an insurance.

Then I have friend in Phayao that wanna sign up and then another foreign friend wanna sign up too.