Merry Christmas

It started from Friday night. I threw a party with friends,, I thought just have party for 3 people since we don’t have money to go out… I just planned to stay and drink at home..

It was fun because the other 3 friends came over then we have 7 people for party. LOL

We drank until 4 am then went to bed. Someone left and someone stayed over night.

One of them forgot toothbrush set, one of them forgot a cellphone in my room. LOL

One of them woke up in the morning when the other people left already… he was kind of lost. lol “Where are all of my fucking friends?” LOL

Also I called my mom on her birthday (same night),, she was “Is it my birthday?” WTF LOL only me can remember her birthday. That was a funny thing either.

Then Saturday, I was kind of sleep all day and tried to recover. lol

One of my Farang friend rang and ask if I like to go Babylon for foam party, I said “yes” since I wanted to see the place,, kind of curious. So it was fun at foam party. LOL I was danced in foam and watched people. One guy played my cock in foam also.

Then we went to Soi Twilight to visit some bar, pub and saw the fucking show. Oh that was fun.

Today just realy really really tired and sored. Oh I have to say “Merry Christmas” and “Good night”

See ya,

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