Giffarine – What A Good Start

Friend of mine suggested to try Giffarine business. After I listened to them about the business (I am an all time anti-MLM), I found out that Giffarine is very different from those pyramid scheme company.

Here is the different I found:
1. They doesn’t need a big payment when sign up (the other company have this and then the up line get a commission when they are getting a new member). Just 180 baht for registration fee (for product catalog, business documents and some other documents).
2. They doesn’t need you to buy product and stock product by yourself. They have about 90 product centers all over Thailand. (10 centers including delivery center in Bangkok)
3. You get immediately 25% discount after register and when you upgrade to another member level, you get more discount.
4. You immediately get an insurance for 120,000 Baht! once your order 1,500 Baht in any month and can get insurance up to 220,000 – 320,000 Baht when upgrade to higher member level.

Mostly you just buy product and sell to your friends. I am planning to buy products for my family and friends too. If someone interested, I will suggest them to sign up to be my down line and I can earn more from that too.

And now I am a Giffarine member, I didn’t even pay 180 Baht for registration cost (friend paid for me) and I will get an insurance. haha. What a good things!

I am planning to buy some products (Kafir Shampoo, Some other supplement pills) so I can maintain my insurance. These products are as good as other product in market and I am not stick with any brand. I just wish they have more supplemental products so I can buy more and save more.