I went to see Harry Potter with a globet of fires

Wow,, It was impression!!! I like it a lot and I really like this episod! I like the guy the from another school and he is the quidditch player.. LOL My friend,, wisper during the movie when this guy come. “Yummy” and I AGREED.

I like new star and like a lot of thing… Damn I am so much like the movie like this. The next movie gonna be Corb bride, Chicken Little, Narnia, Superman!! A long line in my list. LOL

I also will go to Choa Saam Rarn beach this Sunday and plan to go to Pattaya next time also… I know I don’t have much of money and also have to pay a lot of thing, but I didn’t have a chance to relax much,,, I need sometime for myself.. I am too much stress and depress. Time to release.

Well,, I have to work tomorrow too.. LOL,,, and it’s Friday… Woo hoooooooooo.

See ya,

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