Oh no… this month is not growing… ;(


My saving money less than last month for $400. There are many reason that my money drop to that figure.

– The Thai Baht is stronger almost 35 Baht / Dollar
– My Laptop is broken so I have to buy the new one $1200
– My phone is broken so I have to buy the new one $50
– Last month get less extra earning.

So now money in Bangkok bank left only early $200. I need to make more money soon.

Next year I have a plan to quit my job and go back to school for 2 years so I need to save money for that first. The cost for study 2 years is $3000 so. And also I will not have salary to support. I will have think about what job I can do during I studying.

My dream is also still in my head.. if you feel comfortable to support, I invite you to read my dream and my service.

God bless Tony

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