Lazy Saturday

Myself’s formal photo

Last night I went to Victory monument and have dinner with a new friend. I just help him to try Thai food.

Seem he likes it.

I don’t know there is a shopping mall there called “Century Movie Plaza”. LOL
All farangs always thinks I should know the places in Bangkok more than them. Hell no.

I didn’t have much money so we split the cost. hehe. He won’t get paid soon. After finish dinner I just get back home.

In the morning I woke up and took photo of myself to use for the formal things online.

It’s one of my room’s wall and my Canon camera. I forgot to remove that acne spot, but I don’t care anymore. LOL

You never know I had only shirt on and below is naked. LOL

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  1. Dear Tong,

    We really appreciate you candid reporting on life in Bangkok and in a way you shine a guiding light for many with your can do attitude and optimism. Strive forth,I say,in high heels if you must:-)

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