Alright Now It’s Clear

Sorry for the drunk update last night! hehe, but that was fun.

For the last post that I was really upset and worry.. Now I know what it is. So now it’s ok.

Don’t tell anybody I update my blog during the work hour! shhhhhhhhhh (well my job give me the chance. LOL)

But one thing about my grey hair… people really notice them! oh my gawd.

I don’t know, but I decided to leave it grey.. not change it to black again.

Last night I went to cut my hair at Cutie beauty (Philip and Golf are owners) in the Taniya building and went to have some drinks at @Richards and then move to Telephone.. I was drunk and didn’t know how did I get home.

I have sometime to thought and remind that I left about 12am and take BTS and then motocycle. Got home and shower and sleep like a kid till 9am.


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