My New Rule & My New Look

Don’t Let Anyone Guess Your Age!

I usually let people guessing my age when they ask about my age. No more!! no more!! I will tell them right away if they ask.

Lately when people guessing my age, they would polite guessing not over 30 or about 29 – 30! Oh my goodness. I am just 27 and now I look like 30 already.

Look at my hair started mixing with grey hair. That was a heritage from my dad and mom! haha. Too bad, but it’s me. I don’t wanna change color to black again, but I might prefer to do the other hi-light color.

I am going to cut my hair this week, who is going to go with me??? OK I go alone again I guess.

–Today I think a lot, yes and that mean a lot, about that someone think I might seeking for sexual or something in guy I just know. I am really worry and confuse plus frustrating that what make he thinks like that because I have never ever seeking in sexual way with any people entire my life. That’s why I never had any bf and still single until now or maybe I have something wrong with myself.

I wish someone can confirm something to me that Am I look like someone seeking for sex or I am all-the-time good boy? If no one confirm to me, I guess I look like about that guy thinks and that will make me cry.


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