I’m Look Great Today, But Lonelier Than Any Day

Manything bother my mind since the morning. I just woke up and went to gym like usual in almost everyday.

Workout fine and go to work,, got work early and doing some personal stuff before start my work.

Thinking about myself if quiting the job for school… Boss talked to me he might shrink the company size down and he will focus on the other company he owns.

Read the BK magazine and think about my Mom and called her.

Thinking about Christmas present it should be ready before this end of this month.. Thinking of the old day I had in Christmas 2004.

I still be alone,, only myself. Wow…. even I don’t want, but seem I am a happier person since those time get me down before..

I will prepare myself to be the new person who loves myself more than anyone else. I will thinking about my family and people who close to my life than anyone else.

Just wonder where I will be when the celebrate time is coming.. I guess the cold weather is coming a little bit closer and that just makes me lonely. I should be fine.

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