Where is my money!

I really hate to be in a bad money situation, like this and I really waiting for new salary coming. Mannn, last night I was dreamed about my boss gave me the salary earlier than it used to be. I was happy in my dream. 🙂

I was thinking about move to new place to decrease the rent cost. Probably I will find new place that cost me only half from right now. It doesn’t matter if live in bad environment.. It’s just in the central of city.. Everywhere are crowd of people. Cuz I have more bills to pay… Actually move to new place didn’t help much for that. Well,, but it help some… Also I will not have internet at home,,, I guess.

Too bad I am not wealth born. 🙂 but I am a good boy. God will send a good guy to be my husband and live with me forever either I just live alone with happy sometime.

Sometime I think it’s just my problem.. I can’t have help from anyone. I was stupid that made all debt and try to live with the one I loved…. and he didn’t love me.. whatever… So I need to stand by my legs and live with this all debt. LOL (Laught as bored)

See ya,

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