Choosing New Underwear?

Green Underwear

After gym yesterday I walked pass by a girl that choosing her new underwear from sidewalk shop and her guy still hold her waise.

She pick the see-thought yellowish color and stretching the little underwear. My mind keep fantasy that when they back home and might try it out and then her bf say something about and then ….. heheeh

It is too funny to think about that, but here is the advice to choose the new underwear!

Even I don’t wear the underwear much, but I love to see the other guy in underwear. haha

Myself like to wear the sport boxer and loose boxer. I don’t like brief and I don’t fit bikini because my legs look not good.

I remembered that when I was in AZ I heard the song like “I want to be your underwear so I can touch there and there and there” LOL I was like laughing and really like the song.

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