I Can’t Drink Coffee

CoffeeToday I got my work place at 10 am and nobody there and I don’t have the key. So I called my boss and he told me he will be there in 30 min so I went to eat something.

I got 3 pieces of bakery and I saw ice coffee in the menu. I knew that I could not drink coffee, but ice coffee was fine before. So I ordered ice coffee. When I drank, I taste it too strong, but I didn’t bother with the taste so I finish that cup.

An hour later I feel like I’m going to die, I was shaked and feel terrible all day. I tried to drink a lot of water (about 3 liter) and pee so many times.

I knew that I can’t drink coffee because I had this feeling before and I am enough. This time I just want to try so I may not feel like that anymore because I still like the smell of coffee.

I know from now on I will not try coffee anymore.

Now it’s 2.34 am and I need to sleep. Good night.

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