SongkranAfter Songkran, Election and everything.

Someone came to read here and really think I went to my hometown for festival, but I didn’t. I’ve changed my mind at night because I am a big lazy ass to go and waiting for ticket in chaos of a ten thousand of people trying to get back to their hometown. I did once last 2 years ago. awful.

At Buddha montonThis time just stay home and went to my friend’s house in Patumthani for a day and stay over night there. Also have a chance to see the movie “Ice Age 2” fun!!

I did not wet at all because I didn’t play water, just went to Buddha monton and then go to buy some karaoke DVD and go to my friend’s house and sang all night. Haha. We have a few glass of beer.

My friend’s house is new. He just bought for a month and no Air Conditioner yet so it was so hot when I was there and missed my Air Conditioner at my room so much.

I also have my latest pic fron last month. Haha… Cool! you gonna say this.