The Fortune Teller

I went to see Bob’s computer for a few min and tell him to ask the apartment to check the network then go to the Central Pier.

The boat head to Wang Lang Pier then I was waited for me friend a couple min then we walked to find the fortune teller that I know from the other friend.

We got the que number 9 for my friend and 10 for me then we go to find something to eat.

Fortune Teller

After we finished eat so we go back to the fortune teller and still have to wait for an hour.

Onething she mentioned is true is “I am gay” The couple of things she guess just wrong. Also she predicted that I will have to get back and live in my hometown.. that would not be possible. LOL Well,, who knows.

She guess my friend so wrong. Manything are really wrong. My friend said “Bullshit”. Haha

I think that not many Thai guy go to see fortune teller and I also go with my friend.. that why she guess we are gay. She also tried to guess my friend is gay as well. LOL

I just wonder that am I look so gay??????

Funny Sunday.

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